WATCH: David Icke – Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati

We visited the King of Conspiracy Theory to see the site of a Satanic execution and hear about the global cabal of paedophile aliens.

A former professional goalkeeper and television presenter, David Icke found international fame back in the 1990s when he began uncovering a secret lizard illuminati plot.

Icke discovered that a race of shape-shifting lizards has been masquerading as presidents and monarchs for centuries – all-the-while planning to crush the planet – and has steadily picked up an army of fans who share his worldview, making him the most iconic conspiracy theorist on Earth.


In the vintage VICE documentary Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati we travel to the Isle of Wight to meet the man himself, who takes host Kevin Morpungo to the site of a local Satanic execution and explains what the global cabal of paedophile aliens has to do with Stanley Kubrick and Bill Clinton.

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