Lil Yachty Is Having Fun Again on "Dreamboat Freestyle" with Father

The Meltycanon-produced track is closer to 'Summer Songs' than 'Teenage Emotions.'
September 9, 2017, 11:30am
Image via Lil Yachty on Instagram

The fun moments on Lil Yachty's debut LP Teenage Emotions were often undercut by attempts at gloomy semi-seriousness or unconvincing belligerence. For every "Harley" there was a "Peek A Boo"; for every "Forever Young" there was an "X Men." He seemed to be overthinking things. A kid as unquestionably talented as Yachty, who can release something as immersive and inventive as Summer Songs, could have put out a unique 11-track album of odd, trippy pop music. Instead he ended up with something that—like teenage emotions themselves—had some highs, hinted at brilliance, but lacked coherence.


So it's good to hear the 20-year-old having fun again on the Meltycanon-produced "Dreamboat Freestyle" alongside fellow Atlantan rapper Father. "Oh shit, we just got it lit like a candle / And I'm always one-two in, one-two out like sandals / And I'm 'bout my Green Bay like that nigga Randall / And I'm mad rare like a purple Lambo," he raps over a sunny, music-box beat. It's fun and laid-back and you can listen to it below.

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