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Desus and Mero Weigh In on Kevin Hart's Controversial 'Donation Challenge'

The VICELAND hosts broke down the messiest charity event in social media history.

Kevin Hart recently took to social media to create a "donation challenge," asking fellow A-list celebrities—including the Rock, Jay-Z, and Beyonce—to donate $25,000 to charities bringing aid to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Nice, right? Well, Master P didn't think so. After catching wind of the challenge, the music legend posted a video saying that while everyone should donate, it's not chill to goad people into doing it.


Things only got more heated from there. Michael Blackson soon stepped in to give his own take, proclaiming that "Z-list" celebrities (like himself) should donate too—even if they can only scrounge up $50. He proceeded to throw shade at people who think they're hot shit but might not have all that much clout, telling all the "J through Z" celebrities—like everyone other than Nick Cannon on Wild 'N Out—to pitch in, say, $16.

The situation is messy as hell. Thankfully, during Thursday's episode, Desus and Mero picked the whole thing apart for you.

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