'WEEDIQUETTE' Explores the Consequences of Weed Regulation

In a slate of new episodes, host Krishna Andavolu meets people whose lives hang in the balance when it comes to pot legalization.

In VICELAND's third season of WEEDIQUETTE, which chronicles the intricacies of weed culture and policy, host Krishna Andavolu has explored what the future of weed legalization looks like in America and what the drug means to families, immigrants, children with autism, and people struggling with PTSD.

Now, in a continuation of WEEDIQUETTE's third season, Krishna meets with people resisting federal and state law who are fighting for the right to get high. And, for many of these people, the question of pot's legality has now become a matter of life and death.

In a slate of new episodes coming to VICELAND on October 17, Krishna meets a man who was denied a kidney because he smokes weed, an expectant mother turning to weed in lieu of pharmaceuticals, and a convicted killer who believes she wouldn't have taken a life if she wasn't high.

Check out the trailer for WEEDIQUETTE's new episodes above before it returns to VICELAND on October 17.