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OMB Peezy Shares New Track "Pressure," and Announces Debut EP with Cardo

The 20-year-old Mobile, Alabama native is ready to introduce himself to the world.
Photo by Jabari Jacobs

OMB Peezy's introduction to most of his listeners is one of the best ways a newcomer has stepped onto the scene in recent memory. In December of 2016, he released "Lay Down," which is a perfect combination of the 20-year-old's recent travels. The beat was originally used for Cleveland rapper Lil Cray's "Indicted," which flips a sample from classic Bay Area joint "It's Going Down Tonight." by Celly Cel. That's important to note because at 12, Peezy moved with his mom from Mobile, Alabama to Sacramento, California. But vocally, Peezy is all Alabama, which is why the track stands out so much.


His voice is an infectious whine, not unlike the early recordings of Baton Rouge legend, Boosie Bad Azz. Joining the elements—despite its weirdness—is something Peezy is accustomed to. "I know me as a person," he told me during a recent phone call. "As a kid, I was quiet. But as a teen, I started to do a lot of wild shit because that just grew to be my personality. I noticed when people tried to tell me what I should do, I always caught myself going back to my old ways, even if they did give me some good advice."

"Lay Down" made a believer out of many. Earlier this year, Peezy signed to Bay legend E-40's Sick Wid It Records, eventually grabbing a deal with 300. Today, he's announcing his debut EP, Humble Beginnings, which is scheduled for an October release and is exclusively produced by Cardo (who's also worked with the likes of Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Jeezy, among others). He says he learned a lot in the process of putting together an entire body of work. "All my life, if I wasn't feeling something, I'd just stop it and move onto the next thing. But I learned that putting a whole tape together, you could record one song that you don't like but that don't mean you gotta put it on the tape. I'm sitting on 90-95 songs right now. But I'm only putting six songs on Humble Beginnings."

Today, we're premiering Peezy's newest track, "Pressure," which like "Lay Down" shows his ability to squeeze an abundance of words into each bar. Oddly enough, he says people from the West Coast are still surprised that such lyrical prowess can come from a native southerner. "Most people always hit me with, 'I ain't think you was that lyrical.' They never met nobody like me from the south," he explained. "Not to downplay nobody, because I know a lot of people from the south who really lyrical. Big K.R.I.T. and shit like that. But people on the West Coast say they never heard nobody that can use these type of beats and be where I'm from and talk the shit I'm talking. So that might be a surprise to people. I'm reality rap. No gangsta rap. I'm just telling my story."

Listen to "Pressure" below.

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