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Looking at the Gun Debate from Every Angle

VICE's Krishna Andavolu talks about his new video series, Maybe I'm Wrong.
Krishna Andavolu. Image: VICE Video

Americans certainly have a lot of opinions about guns. Whether it's in the aftermath of yet another school shooting, or in the context of public health, the national dialogue around gun reform is divisive and often inconclusive—leaving us with little coherent legislation or few increased safety measures.

To better understand all the arguments that surround our nation's Second Amendment, VICE's Krishna Andavolu decided to look a little more closely at the gun debate and question his own beliefs around gun reform. By parsing the various aspects of the issue—from regulations to media coverage—he questions all sides of the issue, as well as his own point of view, to find out where the actual data lies.

Here's Krishna talking about his new series, Maybe I'm Wrong.

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