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Kim Jong-un Berates North Korea's Weather Service for 'Incorrect' Forecasts

The supreme leader toured North Korea's meteorological facilities and gave workers "guidance" on improving their weather predictions.
Image via Rodong Sinmun

If you have ever been misled by a bad weather report and unexpectedly caught in the rain without an umbrella, North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un can apparently relate.

The supreme leader showed up at his country’s hydro-meteorological service to give the workers “guidance” on their jobs and scold them for making “many incorrect forecasts.”

Kim toured the facility on Tuesday, checking out weather forecast rooms and both domestic and international communication services in order to get up to speed on the science of meteorological observation.


"It is necessary to fundamentally improve the work of the hydro-meteorological service in order to scientifically clarify meteorological and climatic conditions and provide accurate data for weather forecast and meteorological and climatic information required by various fields of national economy in good time", Kim said, according to state news service Rodong Sinmun.

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Flanked by an entourage of officials, he stressed the need for researchers and forecasters to take more responsibility, while also creating a more scientific and technological weather service. Kim would like to see improved accuracy and more information exchanges with other countries. He also recommended modernizing the meteorological observation equipment.

Rodong reported that all of the criticism, which was documented by a photo shoot, was given “with deep loving care.”

Kim is no stranger to well-documented "field guidance" visits to the country’s notable institutions and economic endeavors. Public criticism, however, is not usually part of the tour.

The last time the 31-year-old leader laid into officials for disappointing performances occurred after a 2012 trip to a Pyongyang theme park that left him unimpressed. He called the management of the Mangdyongdae Funfair “pathetic” and made sure to highlight wear and tear on the rides and cracked pavement.

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Since taking office in 2011, Kim has placed importance on building entertainment centers. The leader and his wife, Ri Sol-ju, attended the inauguration of a theme park in summer 2012, and Kim oversaw the construction of a water park that was completed in October 2013.

At the opening ceremony for the park, Premier Pak Pong-ju said workers should “glorify forever Kim Jong-un’s leadership exploits.”

Photo via Rodong Sinmun

More recently, the leader has found reasons to be impressed at some of the country’s other ventures. Just last week, Kim was all-business at the country’s first water slide factory. During the visit, he learned all about the ins-and-outs of the manufacturing process, which the workers apparently make “in a technologically perfect manner” that cuts down on costs.

After determining that the slides were up to the Workers' Party of Korea's standards, he asked that the "modern slide" be installed at the water park in Songdowon International Children’s Camp just in time for the summer season.

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