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Perfume Genius' Video for “Wreath” Is Pure, Non-Cheesy Joy

Please observe this motion picture collage of people dancing like nobody's watching.

The phrase "dance like nobody's watching" is sort of thing Come Dine With Me contestants with straightened asymmetrical bobs have framed and mounted on their pristine living room walls in an attempt to look like they are free and chill, when in fact they gave Paul a 4/10 for fucking up the dauphinois, serving prosecco in mugs and letting his cat jump up on the dinner table for a quick cuddle.

That said, it's a nice phrase isn't it, and it also sums up this genuinely joyful video from Perfume Genius for his track "Wreath", in which loads of people dance around however they want to, in all sorts of ways, in all sorts of places. For real, it will make you feel like shutting your laptop screen and going outside to soak up life while you're still young (or even if you're old). Go on, have some spontaneity. Be reckless. Throw your limbs around.

According to the press release, the video is entirely comprised of footage from a contest asking participants simply to film themselves dancing to the song. Speaking about the song itself, Perfume Genius has said it's partly about feeling betrayed by his physical body and wanting to be freed from it ("I wanna hover with no shape… I wanna peel off every weight") As such, his goal with the contest and video was to incite that same sense of euphoric freedom and reckless abandon, which he achieved imo. Watch the video above, if you haven't already.

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