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Waypoint 101 Revisits 'Wolfenstein' This Week, Send Us Your Questions

Rumor: first episode of 'Wolfenstein: The New Order' Waypoint 101 going gold this week, release might slip to Q2 October 2017.
screenshot courtesy of Bethesda

We're finally about set to record the first part of our Waypoint 101 series on Wolfenstein: The New Order. We're going to be leading off with the first act of the game, covering chapters 1-6 (the opening of the game through the attack on the London Nautica).

We'll be discussing the game amongst ourselves on the podcast, but also with you in our forums. But we also look forward to having you take part in the show by sending us questions, so we can hopefully address the themes in Wolfenstein that most interest you. We're recording by this Thursday hopefully, so between now and then please send us questions at

Additionally, you can drop questions into the forum thread for this post!