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The Murdered Women of the State of Mexico (Part 3)

In the final part of the three-part series, Mexico's Supreme Court rules on the first femicide hearing, the case of Mariana Lima.

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A wave of homicides targeting female victims — labeled as femicides — has been sweeping the State of Mexico, the sprawling suburb that engulfs Mexico City. While government officials have not provided exact figures, the National Citizen Femicide Observatory estimates six women are murdered a day, and a United Nations body has described the situation as a pandemic.

VICE News investigates the murder of women in the region, and meets relatives of the victims who continue to fight for justice, from authorities who seem incapable or unwilling to help.

In the final episode, VICE News follows the Buendía family to the Supreme Court, where they hope to gain new answers from Mexican authorities after years of denial about their daughter's fate.

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