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In Photos: The Streets of Brussels After the Attacks

Not many people besides soldiers, police, and reporters were walking the streets of the capital on Tuesday. VICE News was there.
I poliziotti per le strade di Bruxelles. (Foto di Hadrien Duré/VICE News)

Dozens of people died and many more were wounded Tuesday in three separate blasts in the Belgian capital. The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attacks. As police operations were underway in the city, VICE News was in the streets of Brussels on lockdown.

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Reporters and passersby gather outside a police cordon in the Maelbeek neighborhood.

A soldier talks with street cleaners. Soldiers in Belgium wear balaclavas, like this one does, or helmets when the threat level is raised. Belgium has raised its terror alert to 4 — the highest possible level.

Helicopters circle above the Belgian capital.

Police cordoned off bus stops outside the train station, as public transport networks were shut down.

Usually bustling with tourists, the famous Grand-Place square was almost empty Tuesday morning.

A man watches as security forces are deployed in the center of the city.

Five young women wrote messages of peace in chalk in the city's pedestrian area.

Most of the stores in the city center were closed Tuesday.

One of the busiest subway stations in the city was closed following the blasts.

Reporters waited outside a hospital in the city center.

All photos by Hadrien Duré for VICE News.

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