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Four People Dead, 14 More Wounded in Kansas Mass Shooting

The shooting at Excel Industries in the small Kansas town of Hesston was allegedly carried out by an employee who may have recently lost his job.
February 26, 2016, 12:10am
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A gunman has reportedly shot and killed four people at a company in the small Kansas town of Hesston. Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton said that the shooter, who had been an employee, was killed by officers after they arrived at the scene.

Walton also said 14 people had been wounded.

"[This was] not terrorism, but there are some things that triggered this individual," Walton said. "The shooter was actively shooting at any targets that came across his sights."


Sixteen of the shootings, including that of the gunman, took place at Excel Industries, a "leading manufacturer of turf care products," according to its website. The gunman also shot two people on his way to Excel, but neither fatally. The shootings began at about 5pm local time in nearby Newton, Kansas.

Employees of the company told news media at the scene that the assailant had recently lost his job — though that was not confirmed. After shooting someone in the parking lot of Excel, he entered the building and began shooting. Several employees identified the alleged shooter as Cedric Ford, 38, and said he had worked in the company's paint shop.

Ford's Facebook page appeared to confirm his employment at Excel. It also contained a picture of him holding what appears to be an AK-47 and a pistol, posted a week and a half ago.

It also contains a recent selfie video of him dancing to the song "Summer Sixteen," on which Drake sings "Looking for revenge / All summer sixteen / All summer sixteen."

Police were still surrounding Ford's home as of 9pm local time.

Multiple employees are injured from gun shot wounds. EMS is on scene. — Avery Anderson (@AAndersonKSN)February 25, 2016

Hesston is a town of fewer than 4,000 people located about 35 miles north of Wichita.

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