Sorry Avengers, Céline Dion and Deadpool is the Crossover We Needed

Check out these winking Canadians.
Screenshot via YouTube. 

Canada’s mom, Celine Dion, has hooked up with Canada’s second-favourite superhero for her most exciting movie soundtrack material since Bicentennial Man.

The Quebecois songstress announced that her new song “Ashes” would appear in Deadpool 2, the upcoming movie that Ryan Reynolds keeps talking about. (I am contractually obligated to mention that Reynolds is from Vancouver and Canada is very proud of our Ryans doing very well in Hollywood.)

The video features everything we love about Celine Dion (huge wingspan! Huge dress! Newfound love for winking to the audience!) and Deadpool (Sexy dancing! Fourth wall breaking! Self deprecation!)

Deadpool is Saskatchewan’s most famous son in case you didn’t know, making him the only Canadian superhero that people recognize besides Wolverine.

Anyway, watch the video, it’s amusing enough. Deadpool 2 winks its way into theatres May 18.