Tona and TassNata’s "Bring the Horns" Sounds Like Jay-Z Riding a Zamboni

The BC duo's hockey rap is a gift that could only come from Canada.

Here’s some Canadian rap 101: when life comes at you, sometimes you have no choice but pull up with the stick. And by stick, I mean hockey stick. Listen, beer league hockey is a precious institution. Rappers Tona and TassNata portray the glory of the game in their latest video for “Bring the Horns.” Filmed in Vernon, BC by Jeremy Cox and Jan Schuster, “Bring the Horns” is an honest, Academy-Wward-worthy depiction of bros getting lit for ice sports. Incidentally, it’s a great song too, which is no surprise from the artists that brought us the hit “Let’s Go” featuring Rich Kidd. Rich happens to play a cameo role in “Bring the Horns” as the coach and probably drink zamboni beers with the squad. “Bitch I got the sauce, motha fucka I’m the queso,” TassNata boasts on the track.


“I feel like ‘Bring the Horns’ is a locker room championship song,” TassNata worte to Noisey. “NBA, NHL, beer league or pick up ball in an alley. Winning feels better than losing no matter what you're playing for. It's funny how mainstream it's become to showcase teams getting absolutely wasted after a win. Like in baseball they spray champagne at the end of every series like it was the title. it's hilarious. They got reporters in there with ski goggles and ponchos and shit and you can never hear what they're saying anyway. Compare that to a lot of recreational sports and there still isn't much difference other than the contracts and fans… This song to me was just about getting a W, and enjoying it. Not being humble whatsoever. You've proven yourself. So fuck, cheer for yourself. I'll drink a keg just for winning a game of post on an outdoor rink. Tell me I won't.”

Tona commented on the track, saying, "Soon as I heard the horns on the beat, in my mind the song started writing itself. I instantly thought this has some ignorant bounce to it so the content has to match. Usually when me and Tass connect on a song, it turns into a corner stone national anthem for hip-hop heads and females alike. The song is just a real reflection of that life, always is."

Watch “Bring the Horns” above.

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