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The Government Wants You to Narc on Pubs That Serve Too-Small Pints

Not pedantic at all.

Correcting people’s grammar on social media with a :) . Using an electric heater without telling your housemates, inexplicably bumping their electricity bill by so much that they can no longer afford Dolmio pasta sauce. Complaining to bar staff about a missing centimetre of beer on a busy Friday night. These are all things that officially make you An Arsehole™.

It seems, however, that the UK Government disagrees. Rather than solving Brexit or stopping the privatisation of the NHS, the City of London trading standards body has started “Short Measure,” a campaign that asks people to call out pubs if their pints are too short. Homelessness is up for the eighth year in a row, but who cares when there are landlords trying to get one over on you with a slightly-too-small lager!


According to the British Beer And Pub Association, a pint should be 95 beer and 5 percent head. Anything less, and the pub is underselling. In 2009, it was reported that nine out of ten pints were under the standard measurement. The trading standards body has distributed beer mats to pubs in the City of London containing this information.

The mats are designed to help consumers measure their pints with helpful markings, as well as encouraging them to ask for “a top up” should their drink fall short of a standard size. Drinkers are also told to report pubs to the trading standards body if staff are unhelpful with this request, which seems a little Nineteen-Eighty Four tbh.

The City of London website states: “If you purchased a pint that is more than percent deficient from a pub within the City of London—also known as the Square Mile—we would like to hear from you.” It also tells consumers that they “could even send [them] a photo of [their] short measure pint on [their] smartphone.”

The trading standards body has written to pubs within the borough, reminding them of the importance of pouring beer correctly. If pubs are reported for consistently underselling, then the trading standards body is legally obliged to investigate the establishment.

Great to see the Government tackling the real issues of our time.