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Daily Horoscope: December 04, 2016

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December 4, 2016, 8:00am
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

The Moon in Aquarius connects with the Sun in Sagittarius at 3:56 PM and with jovial Jupiter in Libra later this evening at 12:13 AM, creating a generous, helpful, and optimistic mood throughout the whole second half of the day! Supportive vibes will continue to flow very late tonight: At 1:34 AM, the Moon connects to the planet of stability, Saturn, in Sagittarius.

All times EST.


You're in a social mood today, Aries! It's a wonderful day for networking or spending time with friends. Good vibes are flowing in your relationships. Deep conversations go down this evening.


You're all business today, Taurus. The Moon is in Aquarius, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules your career as well as popularity. You're feeling productive, but you can also hear the clock ticking. Get to work!


The Moon is in fellow Air sign Aquarius, inspiring you to do something exciting and unexpected! You won't be doing it alone, either. The universe is sending you a buddy to hang out with today, for sure.


You're in a very intense mood today, Cancer. You're always pretty private (your sign, the crab, does basically wear armor), but today you're hyper-aware of what's happening around you. Reflect on boundaries today.


Today is all about your relationships, thanks to the Moon in Aquarius illuminating the sector of your chart that rules partnerships. This means partnerships of all kinds: lovers, business partners, and even your enemies. What will they have to say today?


It's a productive day, Virgo—especially around your home or your family. Good news about finances is also likely to come your way. You're always hesitant to be in too good of a mood, Virgo. It's OK, you can let go today!


The Moon is in fellow Air sign Aquarius today, bringing you love and creative inspiration! The vibe today is fun and free. Good news is coming your way. Trust what you hear late this evening.


Security and stability are on your mind today, Scorpio. The Moon is in Aquarius, focusing your attention on your home and family. Having a safe, quiet space to hide away in is so important to you. Do you have that now?


You're in a chatty mood today, thanks to the Moon in friendly Air sign Aquarius lighting up the communication sector of your chart. An important and inspiring talk will take place today.


The Moon is in Aquarius today, lighting up the finance sector of your chart. Yay—you love money! Will you be making some today? Only if you listen to your intuition. Ignoring a "feeling" is a bad idea.


The Moon is in your sign, Aquarius, sending you loads of good vibes. You're feeling inspired to break out of your normal routine. Go experience something new. You will form some strong bonds this evening.


Take it easy today, Pisces. You have big dreams, and plenty of ideas will come your way today around how to make them a reality. Listen to your intuition—it's always right, and it's especially sharp today!

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