Murder He Wrote's "Mono" Is an Ode to One of His Favorite Sound Systems

The UK producer's EP 'Flavoured EP Vol. 1' comes out this week on Roska's label.
June 6, 2017, 3:28pm
Photo courtesy of artist

British bass producer James Ongley, aka Murder He Wrote, has shared a new UK funky-influenced single from his forthcoming EP, Flavoured EP Vol. 1.

Dub delay pervades "Mono," giving it a sense of spacey elasticity, but it maintains directness by tying things together with a sturdy lead snare pattern. Sharp marimbas and languid house chords meanwhile give the song melodic grounding, beefing up the sense of drama without distracting from its magnetic, rhythmic pulse.

Ongley told THUMP about how he views the track over email. "'Mono' was the last track I made for the EP and for me is the thing that finally tied the whole release together: proper stripped down, back to basics percussive club tune," he said. "It's named after one of my very favorite clubs (and sound systems) - Mono, in Brighton."

Flavoured Vol. 1 comes out June 9 via Roska's label Roska Kicks & Snares, pre-order the EP here.

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