Elysia Crampton Announces Her New Album, ‘Spots y Escupitajo’

It’s out now on The Vinyl Factory.
May 24, 2017, 4:36pm
Photo courtesy of Break World Records

Virginia-based experimental producer Elysia Crampton has shared her new album, Spots y Escupitajo, which is out now via The Vinyl Factory. The LP comprises eight Spots tracks—each lasting seven to 16 seconds—and nine standard-length Escupitajo (Spanish for "spittle") tracks. Listen to two of its tracks, "Promesa" and "Spittle," below.

Spots y Escupitajo follows last year's Demon City (a THUMP 2016 favorite) and a guest feature on Chino Amobi's debut album. As with her previous albums, Crampton explores Latin American and queer identities, this time influenced by themes including Andean Aymara figure Chuqui Chinchay, a dual-gendered god; and "the legacy of her deceased grandparents," The Vinyl Factory notes.

Last year, we named Crampton the best live act of 2016.