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What You Were Like in High School, According to Astrology

"Edward Cullen is over," said a Sagittarius in 2009, probably.
High School, According to Astrology

Recalling who we were as teenagers brings up a lot of feelings—some nostalgic, some embarrassing, and many difficult to reconcile with our sense of self today. As teens, understanding ourselves was enough of a challenge, but others were also quick to write-off our behavior as the result of skyrocketing hormones or homework overload. Could it be that our pretentious taste in poetry or overzealous spraying of Bath and Body Works or constant desire to sneak out after curfew was foretold by the stars the whole time? We spoke to our staff astrologer, Annabel Gat, to find out what each of the twelve Zodiac signs were like in high school.


Fire Signs

The very first thing Gat has to say about teens according to astrology is that fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius have the bitchiest teen phase in the Zodiac. "Fire is all about strength and protection and it's also very passionate of course, but fire can burn you," she reminds us. She says these signs are big on being superior to anyone else, especially to those who try to cross them.

According to Gat, Aries teens are big instigators and aren't ones for letting anything go. They're the friends who still won't talk to that girl from the fourth grade who made fun of you for having boobs. "As the Zodiac sign most likely to defend the underdog," Gat says, "they should have been more careful about taking things too far with being mean in high school." We can bet (or hope) that they learned some lessons about being a bit more easy going before graduation.

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Sags are the most pretentious of all teens. Come senior year, Gat says they were the ones "applying to all the most obnoxiously weird, liberal schools that are somewhere really far away where they all eat microbiotic ice." As far as they are concerned, their phases were always cool, and yours were always lame. Sags would dictate when fads were over, which interestingly was always when most of their classmates were just getting into them. "Edward Cullen is over," said a Sagittarius in 2009, probably.


Leos are the performers of the Zodiac, so it should come as no surprise that they were the thespians in high school. "They're the superstars," says Annabel. "Whether they're in the drama club and literally performing on stage or not, they're going to be the ones that have to be the center of attention." Gat says Leos would roam the halls in the most ridiculous outfits with confidence that seemed out of place in high school. They were quick to start drama at parties—not because they liked drama, but because they loved the attention that came with it. Fortunately, Gat says that eventually teenage Leos would likely get tired of all the attention and opt for the occasional introverted Friday night.

Earth Signs

Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn vary the most from one another as teens, says Gat. Previously, Gat shared with Broadly the relationship between each Zodiac sign and weed, explaining that earth signs are often the biggest stoners. This means that they were probably the kids you turned to for weed (and possibly other substances) while in high school.

Tauruses likely saw their laziness peak during their teenage years. This means they regularly slept in until 1 or 2 PM — not because they were out partying late, but because procrastinating by watching movies kept them up late into the night. As teens, the Tauruses in your high school got along with just about everyone and were happy to sit back and let someone else lead the pack, says Gat. Essentially, they had the too-cool-for-everything attitude minus the usual accompanying pretentiousness. They definitely are the chillest teens.


Like Tauruses, Virgos are very friendly during their teenage years, though far more social than their fellow earth signs. Virgos were your friends who loved small talk with teachers and became instant friends with every girl at the party. As the perfectionist of the Zodiac, Virgos were often very upfront. "Yes, those jeans make your ass look fat," a Virgo would say back when fat asses were somehow considered a bad thing. Still, people love teen Virgos for their forwardness and ability to turn any dull situation into a party — even when they manage to get everyone into trouble.

In every high school friend group was the one grounded, quiet kid your mom wished you would hang out with more: the Capricorn. "They say [Capricorns] age in reverse," says Gat. "When they're young they're super stoich and responsible and don't like to party. As they get older though, they lose a lot of that uptight behavior." Capricorns may have avoided relationships in high school, but they were no prudes. They typically hooked up with people but couldn't see the point in investing in some silly fling that would be forced to end by the time college came around. Logic ruled their teenage years.

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Air Signs

When it comes to teen air signs, think the opposite of fire signs. This means that Geminis, Libras, and Aquarians were all pretty nice as teenagers; they were the people-pleasers who avoided confrontation. As they neared the end of their teenage years, however, they would realize that being a doormat doesn't always feel good and hopefully learned to say "no" more often, says Gat.

In their attempt to get along with everyone, Geminis in your high school were the ones to spill gossip to make people feel like they were on their side. Geminis aren't malicious, but their need to please everyone in their class could often overpower their desire to do what was right. But while they may have spilled secrets in public, they definitely felt guilty about it in private.


Young Libras have a little more self control than young Geminis. Sure, the Libras you knew liked to please people, but that didn't mean they were going to throw their friends under the bus in exchange for Brownie points—not their close friends, at least. Libra teens are more likely to tell one person, rather than a whole group, a secret they promised to keep. Teen Libras also just love to talk, gossip or not. That person in your psych class whose raised hand always elicited eye rolls—they were probably a Libra.

Aquarians, unlike their fellow air signs, could keep their mouths shut even as teens. They were the friends you trusted with your life. They grew up to be humanitarians and activists, but back in high school Gat says Aquarians "didn't really have their shit together enough to start organizing and changing the world yet." In high school, Aquarians were the hackers who were happy to help you creep on crushes via MySpace.

This is the time of life when water signs really get to learn about their moods and their fluctuations.

Water Signs

When Cancers, Scorpios, and Pisces were young, their feelings were intense—even for teenagers. "We think of water as being one of the most emotional elements in the Zodiac," says Gat. "This is the time of life when water signs really get to learn about their moods and their fluctuations."

Cancers were very aware of their surroundings as teens, especially at school. They were quick to note who the bullies and mean girls were and to stay away from them. They liked to situate themselves far from confrontation and remain friendly with as many people as possible. Cancers were acutely self-aware in high school, which could easily turn into being overly self-conscious. When they got into their heads too much, they usually turned to friends to pull them out of their funk. "Similar to Aries, Cancers are really gonna stand up for their friends, but they might not be as much of an instigator," says Gat.

Scorpio teens are strikingly similar to Aquarians, explains Gat. "They were the ones that you'd talk to if you wanted to lurk your crush's job at the pizza place on the weekends," she says. Unlike Aquarians, they may have convinced you to take your stalking a bit too far because they craved drama. "Scorpios really know how to get into drama and they probably get into their worst drama in high school," says Gat. "They see trouble and they can't help it." Gat says that their incapability of keeping secrets under wraps is similar to Gemini's, but Scorpio teens can be a little more calculated and malicious in doing so.

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Outside of earth signs, Pisces was the most likely stoner teen. They were both extremely easy-going and smart. Your friend who was obsessed with Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and considered doing drugs an intellectual experience was probably a Pisces. While other kids were getting high to be cool, they were tripping to discover new parts of themselves. Pisces teens who grew up in the suburbs were often obsessed with getting out. They spent their weekends going into the nearest city to see galleries and hang out with downtown kids; they applied solely to urban coastal colleges.

Whether you were a nerd or Regina George herself in high school, being a teenager was hard. At least now when we look back at the many embarrassing aspects of our adolescence we can (partly) blame the stars.