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An Exploration Into Goth Culture in Suburbia

On the next episode of VICELAND's show BALLS DEEP, host Thomas Morton explores goth culture, moms, and exorcisms.
Photo courtesy VICELAND

Thomas Morton applies his black eyeliner and descends to the epicenter of goth culture: suburbia. In the outskirts of Los Angeles, Morton meets with Daniel and Vanessa, a couple who share similar experiences from being bound to the same subculture.

Sitting around their kitchen table, Daniel shares the memory of dressing goth in front of his parents for the first time. "One day they woke me up with an exorcism," he laughs. Vanessa recalls her mom's similar reaction. After warning her that black was the Devil's color, she too attempted an exorcism on her daughter—regardless that black seems a little too obvious of a color for the Devil to wear.

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