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Daily Horoscope: January 28, 2017

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Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

Action planet Mars entered Aries early this morning at 12:39 AM, creating a huge shift in energy. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, which means coming in first is what Aries is all about. This is very exciting for warrior planet Mars! Where in your life do you want to come in first place? The Moon in Aquarius mingles with wild Uranus in Aries at 6:39 PM, so expect surprises. Luck flows at 10:28 PM when the Moon connects with abundant Jupiter in lovely Libra. The Moon and stable Saturn in Sagittarius connect at 12:52 AM, creating a supportive vibe. All times EST.



Mars enters your sign today, boosting your energy and reminding you of how brave and strong you really are. You're the best at everything you do, and there's no holding you back now that Mars in your sign.


Everyone's a winner at something, and you're a winner at napping, snacking, and luxuriating around in pajamas. Mars enters Aries today, igniting a sleepy sector of your chart. Your intuition is fired up, but you also need to rest (which you obviously aren't upset about!).


Everyone knows you're a social butterfly, Gemini, but not everyone understands that building a solid community is extremely important to you. You're very motivated to network now that Mars is in Aries.


People call you the emotional, private homebody of the zodiac, but being recognized by the world for your accomplishments is actually hugely important to you. You'll feel very motivated to achieve your professional goals now that Mars is in Aries.


You Leos are deeply philosophical, which is something many people don't understand about you. You'll be motivated to gain a deeper understanding of the world through travel or even signing up for a class now that Mars is in Aries.


Despite the name of your sign, Virgo, no one understands the importance of intimacy, trust, and closeness like you do. Now that Mars is in Aries activating a very sacred, sexy sector of your chart, you'll be motivated to tackle the tricky issues in your relationships.


Mars enters Aries and ignites the relationship sector of your chart today! Aries loves to come in first, and you are amazing at making people feel important (that's why you're known as the diplomat of the zodiac). You'll be super motivated to tackle relationship issues now that Mars is in Aries.


No one gets shit done like a Scorpio. Mars enters Aries today and motivates you to be the best you can be—whether that means getting organized at work, reaching peak physical strength, or diving in your spiritual practice. No one beats you at being prepared!


You've been super serious lately thanks to rigid, sober Saturn hanging out in your sign, but you love to have fun—even though you hardly remember what that means anymore. Mars enters Aries today, reminding you that you love to have a good time.


People wouldn't realize this about you because you're such a workaholic, but building a solid, stable home (in a fancy big mansion, of course) is super important to you. Now that Mars is in Aries, you'll be extra motivated to achieve that goal.


You're the genius of the zodiac, and now that Mars is in Aries igniting the sector of your chart that rules your mind, there's no stopping your powerful brain. Lots of important conversations and ideas will happen over the next few weeks.


Mars enters Fire sign Aries today and lights up the financial sector of your chart. You're not very materialistic, Pisces, but somehow you're lucky as hell when it comes to cash! Now that Mars is in Aries, you're extra motivated to create abundance in your life.

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