we spoke to the tattoo girl kissed by timothée chalamet

No, YOU’RE jealous!
timothee chalamet and the fan who got a tattoo of him
Image courtesy of Giorgia Moro

Last year, a teenage girl from a city just outside Venice sat down to watch Call Me by Your Name and, like many others the world over, fell endlessly in love with its lead star. She is Giorgia Moro; he was Elio, better known to us all as Timothée Chalamet. The hypothetical love story that had swamped her mind with endless possibilities for the past 12 months finally came to a head last night, when the pair locked eyes on the red carpet for The King at the Venice Film Festival.


It was a moment captured by paparazzi and Timotheée Chalamet stans the world over, disseminating throughout the fanbase via Instagram and Twitter: the world’s most loved and lauded leading man, as if out of nowhere, planting his lips onto Giorgia’s Call Me by Your Name tattoo. “Ugh,” we all sighed in collective jealousy.

But what would it be like to be on the receiving end of Chalabae’s kiss? To look our king in the eyes, show him your Call Me by Your Name tattoo and say “This is for you, my saviour!!!”? Well, we tracked down Giorgia, a 19-year-old TC stan from just outside Venice to ask her how the fateful moment unfolded, her love for the actor’s work, and just what the modern matinee idol’s lips felt like.

Hi Giorgia! For how long have you been a Timmy fan?
For more than a year now! I watched Call Me by Your Name in 2018 and immediately fell in love with him. I really did like Timmy as soon as the film started! Of course, it was his charming appearances and the curls which I go CRAZY for, but most of all it was his acting skills. He always manages to make me cry, no matter how many times I re-watch the movie!

He is sort of amazing, right?
He really is!

So when did you get the now famous tattoo?
I got it on February 28th of this year. It was my first ever!

How did you decide on the design? And that image?
I wanted something that reminded me of the amazing feelings I felt when I had the chance to visit the movie's locations. Nothing was more appropriate than the movie's poster! I actually saw the design on the internet and, since I prefer simple tattoos over more detailed ones, I decided to go for it.


What was your plan for Venice when you heard Timmy was gonna be there with The King?
As soon as I knew he was coming, I asked for a free day at work! I had to be there and I really wanted a front row spot for the red carpet! I arrived at 10am and I was lucky enough to find a little spot.

How long were you waiting for?
Almost 12 hours, from 10am to 10pm!

Yeah we would do anything for him, haha!

When you saw him coming, what did you do?
As soon as he got out of the car I started crying. When he got closer to be interviewed I waved to him and blew him kisses. I hoped he saw me. I never imagined he could come over to us first to take the pics since we were on the last part of the carpet!

Do you remember what you said to him?
I do! I asked him if he could sign my book, and while he was doing that I asked him if he liked my tattoo that I got for him! I said: "Timmy, do you like my tattoo? I got it for you!"

How did he respond to it?
By saying something on the lines of ‘I adore it!’ or ‘I love it!’ -- I really can't remember because I was so shocked!

And how did the kiss happen?
It was completely unexpected! As soon as I saw him reach for my arm and kiss it, my first reaction was to caress his head. His was such a spontaneous, sweet and loving action that it made my heart melt! I still can't believe it!

That’s so sweet! What did his lips feel like?
This question was asked a few times on Twitter too, haha! They felt so soft and delicate -- as if they belonged to an angel. I swear to god, I can still feel his touch on my tattoo.

On the off chance he’s reading this, what do you want to tell him?
I really want to tell him that he inspires me everyday to be a better, kinder person, and that I am really proud of him! He made my life 100% worth living. What he did for me (and for all the people at the festival) had a huge, positive impact on my life! I really love him and I wish him all the best. He took all his time to take pics with the fans! He was just the BEST! Even when people were calling for him to go inside, he insisted on staying with us and make every single one of us happy. It really is important for a fan to see that their idol loves them back!

Thanks Giorgia! Have you showered since that iconic moment?
No, and I'm considering not taking one for a long time!