WATCH: Meet the World's Wildest Rapper

Join us in Poland for the first episode of Noisey's 'Gangster Rap International', where we meet Popek, who loves guns, drugs and intentionally getting his face scarred.
December 4, 2019, 10:28am

This article originally appeared on VICE UK

In the first episode of Noisey's new series, Gangsta Rap International, host Chuckie goes to Poland to meet Popek Monster, the man with the reputation as the wildest rapper on the planet.

Growing up in a life of criminality, Popek found fame with a rap crew called Firma, before launching a long and successful solo career. More than the music, he is known for his extracurricular activities, such as having his face scarred, his eyes tattooed, spending over a year in a coma and becoming both an MMA fighter and a ballroom dancer. Oh, and he loves guns, drugs and fast cars.

Future episodes in this series will see Chuckie travel everywhere from Israel to Ireland, to see how gangsta rap imagery has spread around the world.