Woman Sues 'Vanderpump Rules' Restaurant, Alleging Diarrhea Disaster

After falling to the floor, the lawsuit alleges, "[she] was unable to stop vomiting or defecating as she kneeled... causing [her] clothing to soil."
lisa vanderpump sur
Photo: Getty Images
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West Hollywood's SUR Restaurant is co-owned by Lisa Vanderpump, a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills housewife, and it's the setting for Vanderpump Rules, a reality show that you will continue to deny ever watching. SUR is an acronym that stands for "Sexy Unique Restaurant," so its full name is the Sexy Unique Restaurant Restaurant—and that's appropriately ridiculous for a place that describes its manager as "handsome and friendly" and insists that his "incredible selection of European music" is the key to maintaining the restaurant-restaurant's atmosphere.


And there at SUR, among that Euro-soundtracked ambiance, surrounded by a "complete [sic] unpredictable collection of things that [Vanderpump] loves," a visiting diner allegedly got such a violent case of food poisoning that she threw up on the table and then shat herself as she crouched on all fours on the restaurant-restaurant's floor.

According to Yahoo! Entertainment, the unidentified customer has filed a lawsuit against the restaurant after allegedly getting such a bad case of foodborne illness that she spent three days in intensive care and two additional days at the hospital before she was allowed to make her return flight home. The lawsuit claims that the woman and her family visited SUR on August 19, 2017, and that she hadn't eaten anything else before she ordered "white fish covered with an orange cream sauce" at the restaurant.

Within an hour of eating her entree—and while she and her family were still sitting at the table—she allegedly developed one seriously graphic case of food poisoning. "[Her] head suddenly whipped back, causing her body to move backwards as well, as she felt a hot sensation rise from her stomach, into her chest and then into her throat that she was unable to control," the lawsuit states. "Her head came forward while vomit filled her mouth, and [she] began vomiting profusely."

Then… things got worse. After falling to the floor, the lawsuit alleges, "[she] was unable to stop vomiting or defecating as she kneeled on the floor, causing [her] clothing to soil." She claims that the SUR staff did not attempt to help her, but they did throw water on and around her as she lay on the floor. She was eventually loaded into an ambulance and transported to the emergency room at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.


The lawsuit also includes several other Yelp reviews from other customers who alleged that they also got food poisoning at SUR—although no one else reported shitting themselves at the table.

"While the service was friendly, and the ambiance was nice the food gave me a horrible case of stomach ache. Let's just say 'food poisoning.' We had to rush back to our hotel and end our night early!" one cited review says. "The night I got home I started to start throwing up !!," another reads. "I threw up 6 times that day and I had to go to the urgent care in the morning !!! And yup FOOD POISONING."

Regardless, SUR denies that this incident actually took place.

"SUR has been in business for 15 years and serves over 150,000 patrons a year. We have maintained our A RATING from the Department of Health and have regular checks from the Health Department. We have no record of this ever happening," co-owner Nathalie Zapata said in a statement. "And if someone had vomited and defecated on the floor it would have immediately been reported to the health department and would have been on our cameras or others."

But what about the European music? Was it good that night?