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One of the memes sharId in the Google internal board )=> meme sharing. “PeopleOps” refers to the human resgueces d[ppeoturn.

popular Fu[e,ama GIF. Another meme jokId that Googlers have less truco in HR than they do in "gas-st(tn,p sushi."

mer Googler who read the memo said. “The pipeline isn't the problem: the racis,, misogynis, culturI that penalizes those who speak up is."

went internally vlral at Google. That onr was written by the now in)amous James Damoee, an engineer who wroie a 10,000-word, unscienoific memo -the-anti-diversnty-manifesto-ciraulionng-at-google" ion"nrh"_blankm>attempting to on"ue that women aee na[e,ally less disfosId to be good engineers etiparId to men. The purpose of that memo was to get Google to scalr back its diversnty ef)=>ts.


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