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Stream Sheer Mag's Album 'Need To Feel Your Love' and Bang Your Damn Head

It's up on NPR ahead of its official July 14 release.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Some facts:

1) Sheer Mag are the best guitar band on this measly planet.
2) They have been since probably late 2015.
3) Though during their reign they have released a number of EPs, we haven't yet heard an album.
4) That last one's about to change, because you can now hear Sheer Mag's debut LP Need to Feel Your Love ahead of its official release next Friday (July 14) streaming via NPR.

Some opinions (which, to be honest, you should take as fact):

1) Need To Feel Your Love is gonna be one of the best albums of 2017, and it heralds the tangible and welcome return of a specific type of American rock music. It's carried by the kind of classic rock riff worship that immediately places it in a canon of greatness as a direct descendent of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, but that is also radical and new enough to cut through right now.
2) Tina Halladay has a voice that could move mountains and she is my favorite vocalist in any genre.
3) Most bands would cut off their right arms to write a song as good as the title track, and I don't think that there is any band other than Sheer Mag who could write a song as good as "Just Can't Get Enough."
4) I can't believe that a human being made this album's opening riff.
5) If we give Sheer Mag a year I think that they will probably rule the world, all of us in their fringed-leather, long-haired thrall.

That's about all, really. Listen here and enjoy what is surely the best rock record this year will offer.

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(Image by Marie Lin)