This Artist Channels Hopper and Katz in Her Images of Everyday Women

A soft color palette and an appreciation for art legends contribute to Prudence Flint’s aesthetic.
July 1, 2017, 11:35am

A young woman in salmon-pink underpants douses her face in water, washing up before bedtime. A cooing baby wriggles on a checked blanket as another woman hunches over him, comforting the infant dressed onlyin her diaper. Figurative painter Prudence Flint, paints realistic scenes with palettes of downy pinks and supple mauves. The Melbourne artist's intimate and sparsely-populated compositions hint at former figurative artists who came before like Edward Hopper and Alex Katz.


Flint began her career in design in the mid-1980s but soon gravitated to painting, where she could formulate her style and create her work with untempered agency. The artist tells Creators, her works in the last 20 years have focused on a single subject—a woman situated indoors and sometimes outdoors. The subject matter may seem simple, but the decisive voice and style of Flint's paintings are uncluttered and innately striking.

Her model for her isolated woman paintings was herself. She says, "For many years I modeled for my own paintings and worked off photographs. I have a regular practice of drawing and painting from life as well. I now have friends model for my paintings. They always bring something complicated and fresh to my ideas."

See the artist's paintings below:

Blue Cotton Dress




Tartan Blanket

The Meal



Explore more artwork from Prudence Flint, on her website and Instagram.


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