Leo, August 2017
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli 


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Leo, August 2017

Happy solar return, Leo!

This month will change everything, Leo! You may not recognize your life by the time August is over—but maybe that's a good thing. Let's see what August has in store.

The planet of growth, Jupiter, in Libra, clashes with the planet of death (and, if you want to put a positive spin on it, transformations), Pluto, in Capricorn, on August 4. It's time to push toward your goals, Leo; expect exciting conversations and developments. However, watch for greed and obsession.


Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and Pluto rules power—don't let your healthy hunger for success turn into a shitty kind of power-hungry. On that note, watch for shady behavior from others. The atmosphere is driven, and obsessive, as hell.

The lunar eclipse in Aquarius lands August 7, a powerful moment for your relationships, my lion friend. Eclipses are both brutal and glorious. They reveal what was hidden (especially things we don't want to see) and if we've been moving toward the wrong goals. Eclipses reorient us so that we can head in the right direction. Are you in the right partnerships? Is it time to leave? This eclipse will answer those questions.

Full moons are always emotional, but lunar eclipses (which are full moons taken to the next level) are even more dramatic. Endings are likely. What's the worst thing to do during a lunar eclipse? Deny the truths that have been revealed, and cling to the past with your lion's claws like there's no tomorrow. There is a tomorrow—just because things are wild today doesn't mean that, after things settle down, there can't be closure, compromise, or a fresh start. But for today, it's got to go.

Eclipses aren't all you have to worry about, lovely lion. Mercury retrograde begins August 12 in Earth sign Virgo. You know the drill: Don't sign contracts, start projects, travel, or make expensive purchases. Mercury retrograde is meant for reviewing, redoing, and even relaxing—it's time to pause and reflect, not hurry and push forward.


This Mercury retrograde focuses on your money situation and, emotionally, on your sense of self-worth and security. You might be one of the most glamorous, generous signs in the zodiac, but you're not stupid when it comes to cash. In fact, you can be disorganized in many areas, but the one thing you usually have straight is your money situation. Your makeup bag might look like it went to hell and back, but all the dollar bills in your wallet are folded neatly: The bills face the same way and are in order based on value.

So, will Mercury retrograde be a financial disaster? Here's the thing about astrology—it doesn't promise good or bad; it simply suggests themes to pay attention to. If you spend hastily and unwisely, things will likely suck, and luck won't be on your side. But if you're smart, something you thought wasn't going to pay off just might! That said, Mercury retrograde is an infamous time to misplace or lose things, so be careful with your valuables.

This Mercury retrograde is in Virgo, a sign that's all about service. How are you able to help others? What are your talents? Do you feel valued? Reflect on these themes. Misunderstandings and delays are common during Mercury retrograde, so keep that in mind, Leo, if you're planning on talking about any of these themes or if you're waiting on important news.

Your planetary ruler, the Sun, connects with Saturn on August 13, which will stabilize you during this hectic month. Saturn, the planet of discipline and responsibility, has been in fellow Fire sign Sagittarius, which, while it hasn't been fun, has encouraged you to reflect on your love life, your creative endeavors, and, simply, how you have fun.


Perhaps clubbing isn't your thing anymore, and now you prefer more intimate dinners with friends. Or maybe your type has shifted—from a rebel to someone more mature. However you're growing up, Leo, mid-August will bring a supportive atmosphere.

You're not putting up with foolishness—you have the wisdom to see it when it's happening, and the strength to stop it in its tracks. You've been through a lot and have learned your lesson; you're ready for more stability.

On August 20, or 21, if you're on the East Coast, the Sun will connect with Uranus, in Aries, bringing helpful surprises. While Mercury retrograde isn't the ideal time to travel, what with the delays and miscommunications, if you are abroad, it will be especially exciting. Learn something new; hit up a class or lecture you've been interested in. Expect philosophical breakthroughs—the energy is electric when Uranus is activated!

The solar eclipse in your sign, Leo, arrives August 21. A solar eclipse occurs during a new moon—and, if you can remember, we already had a solar eclipse in your sign, last month, on July 23, at the start of Leo season. Two new moons, in the same sign, are rare—and powerful. This is a powerful time of rebirth for you, lion. You aren't just turning over a new leaf; you're planting a whole new tree.

You're going to be exhausted—you know, since you're evolving on a major level—so don't overbook yourself. You'll face hard truths—you have to accept them and move on. A new beginning is here. Eclipses lead us to our destiny, so wherever you're about to go will be worth it.

Virgo season begins August 22, and love-and-money planet Venus enters your sign August 25 (or 26, if you're on the East Coast). Expect to get attention, Leo! Sexy, seductive Venus will put you in a flirtatious mood. Watch for news about money, or a conversation about worth or value, to arrive on August 26 when the Sun meets Mercury.

The month wraps up with Mercury retrograding into your sign, Leo, on August 31. You're a new you after these eclipses—now it's time to rethink some of the agreements you've made and reconsider your stances on a few topics. Things aren't what they were at the start of the month! See you in September!