Jaden Smith Goes to the Desert and Is Cool in the New “Watch Me” Video

Jaden Smith loves cool cars and leather jackets and riffs and that's awesome.
July 28, 2017, 4:12pm

Jaden Smith, the well-dressed and philosophically-minded superhero-prodigy that the world needs right now, has been on a tear over the last month, first embodying Bruce Wayne in "Batman," then signing to Roc Nation, and celebrating with the release of "Watch Me." Released two weeks back and unfairly maligned, it was Smith's second grin-inducing track in as many months, a deftly-delivered hunk of rap-rock that borrows heavily from Yeezus-era Kanye West while still sounding fresh. Shit, it sounds like Red Fang covering "Black Skinhead."


This morning, Smith released a typically psychedelic video for the track. He rolls into the desert in a jet black Firebird, dressed in a leather jacked with "FUCK YOU" scrawled on the back, and loses his shit while the sand changes color behind him. Jaden Smith understands that almost all good rock music videos are made in the desert; he understands that driving a black car and wearing a leather jacket is cool; he loves riffs, baby; he definitely likes to trip.

Watch the video in full at the top of the page.

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