Cancer, June 2018
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Cancer, June 2018

It's almost your solar return!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

It’s almost Cancer season, dear crab! The summer solstice is nearly here—and with it will come a Mars retrograde towards the end of the month. Early June will bring easy vibes: On June 1, Venus—which is currently in your sign, inspiring you to feel especially cute and seductive— will connect with lucky planet Jupiter. The following day, it’ll connect with dreamy, romantic Neptune. This’ll be a fantastic time to get swept off your feet, or to create brilliant, inspired art.


Tension will arrive on June 5, when Venus opposes Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, stirring up drama in your relationships (both romantic and professional). Ask yourself if you’re being nice simply to keep yourself out of drama; if so, that’s a sign that you’re not in a good situation. Bring in a third party to help mediate if power-hungry Pluto stirs up a jealous or obsessive atmosphere between yourself and those your partner with. With all that said, some very fantastic and kinky sex may be had, too—the energy can play out in many ways!

Mercury will enter your sign on June 12, encouraging you to express yourself. It’s not always easy for you to put your emotions into words, but Mercury will have your back while it travels through your sign! People will be on your wavelength—meaning that everyone’s going to be a touch more sensitive and intuitive than usual.

Mercury will find you in a busy mood while it’s in your sign; however, it’s important that you slow down on June 13, during the new moon in Gemini, which will activate the sector of your chart that rules solitude and rest. Cancers are famous for needing to retreat and having time to themselves—this is an ideal time to take a personal day, dear crab.

You’re pretty good at sitting with your emotions; however, if there are issues you’ve repressed, this new moon will be a fantastic time to sit with your feelings, to release the past, and to embrace a new start. On a practical, mundane level, it’ll also be an ideal time to get more rest or otherwise upgrade your sleep situation (buy yourself some nice, new sheets!). Letting a secret off your chest is also a good idea—this is a Gemini new moon, after all, and we all know Gemini loves to talk.


Mercury will enter your sign on June 12, encouraging you to express yourself. It’s not always easy for you to put your emotions into words, but Mercury will have your back.

Love-and-money planet Venus will enter Leo on the day of the Gemini new moon—June 13—bringing blessings to the financial sector of your chart. Leo is a luxurious fire sign: How pampered are you feeling? Venus in Leo may bring some gifts your way. The energy will also be good for asking for a raise—Leo is a sign that’s not afraid to ask for what it wants, and Venus is all about receiving. It’s also about what we value. As Venus spends time in Leo, ask yourself what’s really important to you.

Neptune begins its retrograde in fellow water sign Pisces on June 18, encouraging you to rethink your dreams around travel and higher learning. If you’ve been thinking about returning to school, now’s a good time to do so, or if you’re still on your journey toward getting a degree, you may reconsider your post-grad plans! Neptune has a dreamy energy, and it’s highly creative; however, it’s also the planet of delusion. Reflect on your plans, but don’t let yourself get swept up by half-baked ideas, or worse, paranoia.

The summer solstice arrives on June 21, Cancer, marking the start of your season! Find time between birthday celebrations to check in with yourself about how strongly you feel you’re living your life’s purpose. Your birthday is your time to be all about you, so be honest with yourself about how things are working for you. Cancers can have a hard time asking for attention or help, but it’s your birthday, so ask for what you need.


Action planet Mars goes retrograde on June 26, so getting things done this summer isn’t going to feel easy. However, this will be a good time for you to think about the direction you want to move things in, especially in your intimate relationships. A big theme for you this summer will be considering whom you want to keep in your life, and whom you’re ready to part ways with—plus, some folks from the past may reenter the scene for you to reconnect with.

Your birthday is a fantastic opportunity for you to cast a spell, do some vision boarding, or make an announcement about your next moves forward. Even though the Mars retrograde will find things moving a little more slowly than you’d expect, that’s OK! You’re going to be processing a lot of emotional stuff. Once this retrograde ends on August 27, 2018, you’ll find yourself letting go of so, so much baggage. Aside from dealing with problems related to partnerships and intimacy, and releasing old patterns and emotions, this Mars retrograde will also find you working out issues around finances—especially debts, taxes, and even inheritances.

The Sun opposes taskmaster Saturn on June 27, creating a challenging energy in your relationships. This will be a majorly importantly time to behave maturely and responsibly, and to surround yourself with people who can do the same. The full moon in Capricorn on June 28 will bring a big climax to your partnerships. If something has been brewing between yourself and someone else—whether that’s a lover, a business partner, or even someone you can’t fucking stand—expect things to reach a head on this day. Full moons are all about release, so let go of that partnership, or some expectation about the relationship that’s no longer working for you.

Messenger planet Mercury enters fiery Leo on June 29, shifting the energy around communication from intuitive to loud, Leo, the lion, loves to roar. You’ll be ready to roar, too, at the end of this month, especially about money and wanting to feel valued.

Good luck this month, Cancer, and see you in July!