This Glittery 3D Art Is Making Us Majorly Nostalgic for Myspace
All images courtesy Katri Tikkanen. Collages by Lia Kantrowitz


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This Glittery 3D Art Is Making Us Majorly Nostalgic for Myspace

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This article is part of our Women in Net Art series, a weekly column curated by artist Nicole Ruggiero. Read more articles from this series here.

This week, I chose Katri Tikkanen because I absolutely love her Net 2.0 glittery GIF aesthetic. It really brings me back to the days I would use auto-GIF generators to make my name shimmer with digital glitz and feel super cool using HTML to post it to my LiveJournal and Myspace. Actually, while writing this, I somehow managed to be listening to Hellogoodbye. And that made me reminisce about my old Myspace name, which was something like "hergunxbangbangbang." Basically, my high school self is in love.


I asked Katri to share some of her work and fill out a questionnaire to help you get to know her better. Keep scrolling to get to all that. She also designed a custom Snapchat Lens for VICE readers.

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