Check Out These Creepy Crawling Insect Robots from Japan

The University of Tokyo's Parametric Move Conference pushes the limits of the ways robots get around.
June 18, 2018, 3:22pm
Image: Screengrab/YouTube

Have you ever wanted to see what a crawling spine would look like? Like, if a spine grew legs where each vertebrae is and started crawling lengthwise along the ground? No? Well too bad, because that’s exactly what you’re about to witness thanks to the University of Tokyo's Parametric Move Conference.

For the past two weeks, the university has been showcasing prototypes from its Yamanaka research lab to the public, with “the aim of improving communication between humans artificial objects,” according to its website. Nine prototypes that move in mind-bending ways can be adjusted based on how users interact with them to “allow for the artificial object to move ever more beautifully and naturally.”

Along with insect-like crawling creatures, other creations such as a walking drone were on display:

These designs push the limits of our imagination on how robots can move, giving us a glimpse of the (possibly very disturbing) future.

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