Sticky Fingers Frontman Accused of Harassing Trans Woman at Pub

Model and writer Alexandra V. Tanygina has spoken out about an alleged altercation in which she says Frost called her “crazy” and said he hated transgender feminists.
May 18, 2018, 6:01am

Sticky Fingers frontman Dylan Frost was ejected from a Sydney pub early Thursday morning after an altercation with transgender model and writer Alexandra V. Tanygina.

Speaking to the Australian, Tanygina said she was having a drink with friends at Kelly’s on King when things erupted. According to Alexandra, Frost was nearby and “a million per cent intoxicated, he was absolutely wasted.”

The two became embroiled in a 25-minute verbal disagreement, Tanygina said, adding that when she asked him to be quiet he called her “crazy”. She responded, “least I’m not a racist and my career isn’t over.” Tanygina says Frost replied with a series of screamed insults, where he stated he hated transgender feminists and called her a “floozy” and a “bitch”. He also allegedly argued that he couldn’t be sexist because his mother is a feminist, and couldn’t be racist because he is of Māori descent.

The musician was eventually ejected by security.

In a statement to the Australian, a spokesperson for Sticky Fingers rejected Alexandra’s version of events:

"Dylan was in the pokies room after spending some time with a friend. As he was leaving he was approached and verbally attacked by a stranger and called a racist,” the spokesperson said. “Dylan said it was bull shit and to leave him alone. She continued to harass him, and her friend then joined in and threatened him and Dylan told him to fuck off. The manager noticed there was tension and asked them to leave, which Dylan did."

In 2016, Sticky Fingers went on an indefinite hiatus following allegations that Dylan had been physically and verbally abusive to other musicians. At the time he explained he was “dealing with alcohol addiction and mental health issues” and had been diagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia.