Gorillaz Get Moderately Funky on New Single "Sorcererz"

It's third single from the cartoon band's forthcoming LP 'The Now Now.'
June 7, 2018, 5:27pm

Cartoon pop-oddballs Gorillaz have released another single from their forthcoming sixth studio album, The Now Now. "Sorcererz" is a synth-heavy song, underpinned by damp funk rhythms and Damon Albarn's croaky vocals. It enters and departs without making too much of an impact—it seems more like an interlude than a single—but it works well enough after the pointedly catchy "Humility" and the slightly more precise "Lake Zurich."


Listen to the song at the top of the page and read our interview with Gorillaz's incarcerated, Satanic bassist Murdoc right here. The Now Now is out June 29 on Parlophone.

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