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Appelsap Announce a Slew of New Names to Their Line-Up

For their 18th birthday, the festival will play host to Slowthai and DJ Maximum who join Wiley and Kojo Funds on the UK heavy line-up.

You know what Amsterdam is about – it is, primarily, the weed-smoking homeland of Europe. So it makes sense, then, that there's also a rap focused music festival that takes place there every year called Appelsap. We went last year and saw Lil Wayne. But this year? This year will be even better because our pals in the Netherlands will be taking over the mainstage.

You can view the full line-up here. For now though, the important news: Wiley is playing. Slowthai, DJ Maximum and Kojo Funds will be there too. Oh, and the festival takes place in a beautiful park which – if it isn't raining and you've smoked enough weed or taken enough truffles – is kinda like paradise. Watch the campaign video above to find out more.