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Watch This 87-Year-Old Grandma on a Walkthrough of Her 'Animal Crossing’ Town

She's logged more than 3,500 hours in “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” on her Nintendo 3DS.

The Animal Crossing games, in themselves, are great comfort content: Wandering through happy little towns meeting cute villagers and doing small tasks for them. Add a delightful grandma gamer in the mix, and we have a playthrough that might be the most soothing 30 minutes you’ll spend today.

Game designer Paul Hubans recorded his grandma playing through her Animal Crossing: New Leaf town—a game she’s played for more than 3,500 hours. He explains in the video that Audrey, 87, has been playing Animal Crossing on her Nintendo 3DS almost every day for the past four years.


Hubans made the video after a Reddit thread and tweet about her hobby went viral, and a fellow Redditor sold them a new 3DS for Christmas.

“Mayor Audie,” as she’s known to her fellow villagers in the game, takes the viewer on a tour of her town. As mayor, Audrey has to put up with a lot of nonsense from her constituency: “Some of them I like a lot, and some of them, I let them move,” she said. Seems judicious.

According to her grandson’s narration, Audrey’s a gamer from way back: The first game she played was Tetris on his original Gameboy in 1990.

Hubans set up a GoFundMe to get her a new Switch, and while she’s waiting for the next Animal Crossing game to come out, she’s digging into Let's Go Pikachu.