10 Office Gifts for the Coworkers You Think Are OK. Fine, Even

Even your most boring-ass coworkers will delight in a li'l holiday spirit this season!
November 20, 2018, 11:15pm
colorful office desk
Photo by Audrey Shtecinjo/Stocksy

Remember your high school locker? One quick glance inside, and your personality could be determined by the type of posters, stickers, and whatever other truest-self-revealing knickknacks you jazzed it up with. Your office desk functions in kind of the same way—so maybe "old coffee mugs and spent Post-Its" isn't the most accurate way a person would ideally like to be characterized. The space a person spends half their time in should probably bring joy, peace, and, sure, reflect what makes them happy. Below, consider these items when gifting someone who’s in serious need of good office decor—it'll show them you see them as more than just a half-dead succulent.

david's tea

David’s Tea Top 12

However impossible it might feel to most office humans, not everyone likes coffee. A fresh cup of tea is one of the most under-appreciated things in America (aside from those free massage chairs at Brookstone, which I also advocate should be an office necessity). David’s Tea has a sampler of their 12 most popular brands, including Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait and Super Ginger. It's very "wellness," and also very delicious.

rebecca minkoff slides

Raimee Mule in Natural Shearling

Wearing outdoor shoes in the office is one of the most oppressing aspects of "business casual"—at least, for yours truly. Personally, I adore a fuzzy chancla that can easily be slipped on, but I also love an office-appropriate loafer. Either way, a little comfort goes a long way when you're sitting in the same place all day. To give the gift of chic sub-desk comfort, get these slides from Rebecca Minkoff.

bulletin mug

Bulletin 'A Male-Dominated' Travel Mug

You’re a jerk if you use environmentally-unfriendly disposable styrofoam cups at your job. Need a mug? This incredibly accurate and stylish one from Bulletin is BPA-free and a percentage of its sales go to Planned Parenthood of New York City.

lemonade embroidery

It’s A Slay 'Lemonade' Embroidery

The life lessons Beyoncé's Lemonade taught us—forgiveness, grief, sacrifice—will stay with us forever. Honor our Houston-raised goddess with a hand-stitched embroidery kit that your coworker can make for their desk! This beauty is made from a Brooklyn-based artist, Krystle Collins, also does designs on pillows and tote bags. The embroidery comes as a DIY kit or completed sampler.

if they come for us

If They Come For Us

On that one-hour lunch break that millennials rarely take, but totally should, gift your friend a good read. This book of poetry from Brown Girls writer Fatimah Asghar explores the complexity of being a Pakistani Muslim woman in contemporary America.


Photo courtesy of American Eagle

Llama Desk Duster

I mean, do I need to sell you on this? This is, very clearly, SO CUTE. Also, a "nice" way to suggest that your colleague please handle those two-day-old bagel crumbs, Linda.

cork globe

Small Cork Globe

Globes make smart desk decorations, and this adorable one from CB2 also doubles as a thumbnail cork.


Botanical Notebook Trio

New year, new notes to be taken. This set of three notebooks has original designs from Justina Blakeney for Studio Oh, inspired by botanical gardens she visited around the country—they're a very sweet way for your colleague to be reminded of other climes while at work.

gucci mane illunidol

Gucci Mane Prayer Candle

Souls who have imparted goodness into the world should be honored. A great way to show love for your favorite celebrities is a prayer candle from Illuminidol. This one, of Atlanta-bred rapper Gucci Mane, is a tribute befitting my trap-music icon.

hood witch citrine stones

Citrine Stone

Don’t you want success, abundance, and personal power in your life?! Sorry for being so aggressive, but these citrine stones from The Hood Witch are said to manifest the aforementioned favors, in addition to allegedly having the ability to "balance emotions." (Perfect for the co-worker who gets jealous that you got another colleague dope office slippers.)

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