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Having Migos on Carpool Karaoke Is the Best Thing James Corden's Ever Done

The North Atlanta trio put their spin on classics like Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" while carrying a wild amount of cash.
Queens, US

As a perpetually cheery person with a funny accent—sorta the Mary Poppins of late night television—James Corden is an easy person to dislike. We even tried to rank all his jokes at the Grammys once, but none were exceptionally good. Carpool Karaoke is often a particularly odious distillation of his relentless positivity, but on Monday night he got something right—he invited Migos along for the ride. From the moment Migos pile into Corden's car, it's filled with ad libs galore and enough cash to pay off some serious student loan debt (shit, pay mine!). With Quavo riding shotgun and Offset and Takeoff cracking jokes in the backseat, Corden quickly endears himself to the group, auditioning for his role as the fourth Migo.


It wouldn't be a ride with Migos if you didn't blast their own songs and their quasi performances of "Bad & Boujee," "Motorsport," and "Walk It, Talk It" will certainly cause you to conjure up your own ad libs. But, the best parts weren't Migo songs at all. The Atlanta group showed their pop chops with a dedication to Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," and even though Quavo stayed in character punctuating Houston's voice with a Macarena dab, if you paid close attention Takeoff was the star. Takeoff did as many backseat singers often do and that is sing like no one is watching. If that wasn't enough, Corden challenged them to put their spin on Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline."

The entire 15 minutes is honestly gut-wrenchingly funny and we can't tell if that's because Corden really channeled his inner Cardi B or because he's actually funny. Well done Corden. We'll give you a pass on this one.

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