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A Buddhist Monk was Arrested for Having Chemsex Parties in his Temple

Police raided the monk's temple and found amphetamines, porn, and a 'holy water' bottle filled with lube.
Gavin Butler
Melbourne, AU
Buddhist monk smoking meth

A bad boy Buddhist monk has been arrested after he was allegedly caught smoking meth and having gay sex parties in his temple. Master Kai Hung was the secretary general of the Chinese Young Buddhist Association until a few weeks ago, when police raided the 29-year-old’s room at Chongfo Temple in Taiwan.

What they found was 19 grams of amphetamine, smoking pipes, condoms, anal relaxants, erection medication, and a bottle of “holy water” filled with lube. They also discovered two USB drives that contained over 200 gigabytes of porn, including "male-on-male sex videos" that were made by and starring Kai himself, the Liberty Times reports.


The spicy footage was published by Taiwanese news outlet Mirror Media last week, and appears to show the monk smoking meth, sweating profusely, and just generally rolling around on a bed with other men. It’s not clear where or when the video was filmed, but the original report quotes a source as saying that Kai was a long-time drug user who held “sex parties” with other Buddhists at Tongshan Temple, where he was previously based.

Kai was expelled from that temple in September for "behavioural" and “religious discipline problems”, according to the Taipei Times, and the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports that he relocated to the nearby Miaoli Chongfo Temple with “dozens of believers” in tow. Before long he started throwing sex parties there, prompting the other monks at Chongfo to go to the local Miaoli police.

During questioning Kai admitted to using drugs and filming sex acts, but denied giving drugs to others. He was charged with violating the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act, and was ultimately released on bail of about $4,000 AUD.

Now the naughty monk’s kicking back against his dissenters, claiming that the footage was released by someone from Tongshan Temple as part of a smear campaign against him. And that’s where things get even spicier.

According to SCMP, the incriminating videos were leaked by one of Kai’s jaded former lovers, who was also a monk at Tongshan Temple. This man allegedly downloaded the 200 gigabytes of footage from a computer that belonged to another one of Kai’s boyfriends, before sending three of the pornographic clips to the temple authorities and exposing Kai’s scandalous violation of the monastic vows. Local police are investigating the matter.

The disgraced Buddhist had previously been seen as something of a rising star by his fellow monks, Taiwan News reports: a “talented and intelligent” individual who converted to the religion at 14 and followed the late Master Chihhai in the Tonshan Temple. It was after the death of his master that his behaviour started to turn—and it was then that he began his downward spiral into drugs, porn, and chemsex.