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What Your 2019 Resolution Should Be, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

This time around, we used tarot to see what you should prioritize and what you should leave behind next year.

Ending the year isn't going to feel quite right without writing down a few New Year's resolutions. Many of us aspire to be an entirely different person by the time the clock struck 00:00, but we often don't really know what's actually good for us. I'm guilty of this too. How many years have we planned the usual "New Year, New Me" and writing an elaborate diet plan or an exercise routine in our fresh, blank journal before deciding to scrap the entire thing by February because we stopped believing in ourselves?


This time around, I'm going to help you plan the right #goals. To do this, I have resorted to my trusted tarot cards to perform a Tarotscope (Tarot + Horoscope) reading. I've drawn one card for each zodiac sign to find out how your 2019 is going to be like and what resolutions you should make to improve yourself. This way, you won't waste the entire year chasing an unrealistic plan or dedicating a wasteful page of your bullet journal for your meditation tracker. Namaste.

As always, check your birth chart and read both predictions for your sun and rising sign for more accurate results!

You: Aries
Your Tarot Card: Two of Swords
Your 2019 Resolution: Chill

2018 has been quite a bummer for you, Aries. Unless you decide to step up your fun game, I don't see how the situation is going to change in the future. Through what I foresee in the tarot card, 2019 for an Aries is all about going back into the childlike nature. Sometimes, the only way to deal with stress is to stop trying to have control over everything in life and just laugh. Don't sweat the small things, don't unleash your Aries fire just because someone messed up your lunch order. Instead, channel your inner Jake Peralta and take a chill pill. Take new risks, travel, or attend an innocent office Christmas party. Try to have fun while doing normal things because you may just be surprised to see how life unfolds. Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.


You: Taurus
Your Tarot Card: Ace of Pentacles
Your 2019 Resolution: Maintain your discipline

The year 2019 is going to be about trusting the process in your career. It means putting the work and being patient. If you've been working hard in 2018, congratulations, you're going to get the result that you deserve in 2019! If you haven't, get ready for a year-long of hard work. And since you're not going to get the rewards for your work overnight, you need to maintain a strict daily routine that will help you to stay on track. Don't let your habit of snoozing your alarms get in the way of you and important, life-changing projects! Get acquainted with your new best friends – productivity apps and 2019 journal — to stay on track with your goals.

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You: Gemini
Your Tarot Card: Two of Wands
Your 2019 Resolution: Find out what you want in a relationship

You can finally stop going back and forth with your unrequited love in 2019, Gemini. The new year will allow you to explore different kinds of love and relationships. You might date a vegan this year, or a grown person who's still into My Little Pony. I see you, Bronies. You might even choose to be a unicorn for other couples instead! Or maybe you're don't want to be in any relationship at all. Anything's possible. But with fun, comes a challenge. How do you know which one is the best relationship for you? The answer is, try everything and then decide for yourself. 2019 is the year of experimentation with you, and by next December you'll have a much better idea of what kind of lover you are. Choose wisely, but break no heart — especially yours.


You: Cancer
Your Card: The Emperor
Your 2019 Resolution: To be stricter with personal boundaries

You can't survive the year 2019 without imposing personal boundaries to everyone around you. Next year, there will be more people asking for favors and getting in your hair when you have better things to focus on. Your card for next year is The Emperor aka a clear-cut sign that your 2019 resolution should be about ruling your personal space and making sure no one invades it at any time, even if that person is the Night King and his White Walkers. Gone are the days of the pushover, because the new you is the Cancer who is solid with your do's and don'ts.

You: Leo
Your Card: The Sun
Your 2019 Resolution: Make a significant change in your life

As a Leo, you probably never feel like your accomplishments are enough. But trust me when I say that 2019 is the year that you shine brighter than ever before. The key is to just believe you can. You don't have time to imagine where your career would've been if you took that job offer. If you don't like something about your life, change it. Whining isn't going to make a difference. If you need inspiration, take a break and try traveling solo or learn new skills. Then take a leap of faith and make a big life-changing decision. Just do it. Come on, Leo. If Shia Labeouf can do it, so can you.

You: Virgo
Your Card: Four of Swords
Your 2019 Resolution: Hang in there and believe in yourself


So, good news and bad news. The good news is you'll find a big break in your career. If you've been gunning for a promotion or a raise, you'll probably get it. Your colleagues and clients will acknowledge your hard work, and you'll be applauded for your sleek presentation. You might even host a TEDx Talk. But the bad news is that you don't know if you can handle it because you're an anxious perfectionist. Remember — good things happen for a reason, Virgo, so hang in there and enjoy every bit of this golden year. Amp up your self-care game and write, "I Deserve This" on your planner over and over again until you believe it.

You: Libra
Your Card: Queen of Wands
Your 2019 Resolution: Be more involved in the community

It seems like a lot of people will rely on you in 2019, Libra, starting from that friend who doesn't have enough cash to pay rent to the local dog shelter who's been texting you nonstop because you signed up to be a fosterer once. It's definitely not a year for "me," because it's a year for "we." Score good karma points as much as possible by making new connections and helping others. Surround yourself with positive people who lifts you up. 2019 is also the perfect time to plan a donation drive or to be more involved in your community because they will never really leave you alone anyway.

You: Scorpio
Your Card: Justice
Your 2019 Resolution: Live intuitively

If you think 2018 is a tough year, meet 2019. Welcome to your Eat, Pray, Love year, Scorpio. You're going to learn to remove old fears and transform spiritually. You're going to find out that some things in your life aren't exactly what they seem, and that you'll have to go on a month-long solo journey to find out what really matters. It's the right time to pack your yoga pants and go to a meditation retreat in Bali, but definitely not the right time to be so hard on yourself. Keep your mind stress-free, third eye peeled, and let your intuition runs the show. The universe will now show you the signs.


You: Sagittarius
Your Card: Nine of Cups
Your 2019 Resolution: Be the best version of you

If you haven't gotten the chance to upgrade your skill and reach for your dreams in 2018, next year will be different. 2019 is the year you transform into a better version of yourself. Learn new skills, try new hobbies, redefine who you are, do a stand-up comedy or maybe, do a style makeover. Your image and how others perceive you is important in 2019. Be whoever you want and do whatever you want (but don't run away from your responsibilities!). And no, being John Malkovich is still not an option.

You: Capricorn
Your Card: Prince of Wands
Your 2019 Resolution: Make more money, and then, keep em

If a dolla makes you holla, get ready to do some serious money making mojo in 2019. Capricorns can now rejoice because the new year brings good luck for the bucks that can come in various opportunities. Maybe a colleague will come to you with an MLM proposal, or a boss will be in a mood to give you a promotion or a client will drop a big project mid-year. I say take it. Anything to raise funds for the fun, right? But be prepared for bad days. Money is like eels in seals. They come in a big chunk but in the end, they always have to go painfully. It’s okay to make it rain, as long as you keep some for the rainy days too.

You: Aquarius
Your Card: Ace of Swords
Your 2019 Resolution: Be honest, expressive, and real

Have you been honest about who you are? In 2019, you'll have no time to talk your way out by pretending to be someone else. There will be more pressing issues that will demand your attention this year, and the only way you can manage this is by being true to yourself. The year 2019 will force you to say what you really think and feel instead of a compartmentalized version of your logical reasoning. Don't overthink, Aquarius. Tell the truth, even if the truth isn't cool or quirky enough. We know that behind your chillhop prince facade, there’s a scene kid waiting to watch his first Simple Plan reunion tour.

You: Pisces
Your Card: The Empress
Your 2019 Resolution: Creating stability for you and your tribe

As a sign who’s helpful and pretty much into everyone’s business, 2019 is the year for you to finally be everyone’s mom. Being needed makes you happier, and this can lead to a lot of good things. There’s a chance of you attempting to find your own tribe; the people that you call “family” and the ones you can come home to. If you have found yours, focus on nurturing your relationship with them. Maybe they need someone to help them during bad times, and that someone could just be you. But if they start acting like bad hombre, be firm and cut them off your life. No more toxic people. And make sure you sort out any bad blood you have with your fam by the end of 2019. Make 2019 a year of no hot mess, just pure #blessed.

Canti Widyadhari is a traveling intuitive reader, certified Reiki master, and the founder of Foxglove Tarot. She's passionate about raising the awareness of self-love and helping women to design their dream life using tarot, astrology, and reiki healing. Follow her on Instagram.