Here's What's Drawing Us To The Jameson Underground Stage at Magnetic Fields 2018

We’re accessing one of India’s best underground scenes by literally going underground.
December 13, 2018, 5:47am

Now in its sixth edition, Magnetic Fields has become a contemporary force of music and art. This alternative scene of bohemian elegance is where a regal past meets futuristic music. And we’re excited for the raving, vivacity and eclectic fusion of folk and electronic music we’re going to find at the 17th century Alsisar Mahal palace. But the desert promises new discoveries. And we’re searching for an intriguing experience and some fresh music. So, we’re going down to the dungeon—to the Jameson Underground Stage.

One of Mag Field’s coolest attractions, this shadowy space has its share of stories to tell. An underground jail that once held captive prisoners in the medieval palace, it has now been refurbished into a glorious jail-themed underground bar. And we’re talking prison poles and handcuff hangings (extra points if you’re in it for the ‘gram!). Operational from 10.30pm onwards, escape the chilly desert nights for a chill time under the palace grounds instead


It’s also your best bet at experiencing drinking ‘behind bars'. Rumour has it the Jameson boys are whipping up some exclusive cocktails to lock you in, with captivating choices like the refreshing ‘Jailhouse Julep’, an Irish take on the prohibition-era prisoner's drink and the heartwarming ‘Hot Toddy Apple Pie’ that feels like nothing short of a hug. So whether you want to indulge your late-night coffee craze with the ‘Espresso Martini’ or try the mysterious muddle of ‘Jameson Ginger and Lime’, a top-secret cocktail combination, it’d be a crime not to sample this special selection.

Partying in the place that once housed prisoners in this medieval palace-turned-party destination is enough to draw us in. If not, the dynamic lineup taking over DJ duty will keep us afloat.

Besides basic scientific reasoning that says low-frequency sounds are enhanced underground, the dungeon is your exclusive access into London’s underground scene. From the sample-stuffed smooth jazzy feel of DJ Rum's garage, techno and dubstep set to Netil Radio Show host Kristy Harper's signature fusion of disco, house and tropical beats, it's going to be #goodvibrationsonly.


DJ Rum is the genre-defying musical effort of UK based Felix Manuel.


Netil Radio Show Host Kristy Harper is all set to take over the DJ deck.

New Zealand-born, Dubai-based KEV Fresh will also be spotted spinning out a head-banging hip-hop heavy mix of funky beats and future bass, while SUCHI, who originates from Oslo but credits India as her influence, is bringing her global electronic A-game.


Despite her British breeding, Oslo-born SUCHI credits New Delhi as her main source of inspiration and absorbs the influence to craft global electronic music.

Aside from exposure to international house music heavyweights, the dungeon will also play host to homegrown Indian expeditions into the underground scene, with artists like Dreamstates and Daisho, who will have you swooning to sounds that are somewhere between samba, jazz, funk, house and techno.

Each musical medley comes power packed with eyeball-grabbing visuals to accompany your sways as you swig handcrafted cocktails by Jameson, soaking in the intense and interesting vibe that is bound to hold you prisoner in this dungeon. It’s the place to bring your bass face and truly get the party going until the wee hours of the morning.