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How the Border Crisis Disrupts Cross-Border Students' Lives

We talked to VICE's Alex Zaragoza about how heightened militarization at the border affects students who cross it on a daily basis.
The border
Image: Bruno Sanchez-Andrade Nuño/Flickr

VICE's Senior Culture Editor, Alex Zaragoza, grew up a transborder student, crossing from Tijuana into California every day for school. She knows firsthand the particular set of traumas and anxieties that come with cross-border life. The scrutiny can be intense, wait times long, and interactions with Border Patrol dehumanizing.

In the past few weeks, there's been a heightened level of militarization and closures at the border. There's been a lot of media coverage about the migrant caravan, and how the heavy military presence at the border is affecting refugees and asylum seekers. But on Tuesday's episode of The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast, we discuss how all of this is affecting another group: daily commuters. Tune in to hear VICE Senior Politics Editor Harry Cheadle speak with Zaragoza about the transborder experience.

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