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The 'Support Peacock' That Couldn't Get on a Flight Has a Fire Instagram

The bird's named Dexter and he lives in Bushwick, apparently.
Screenshots via Dexter's Instagram

Wait, whoa, hang on, stop everything. Remember that woman who was barred by United Airlines from bringing her emotional support peacock on a flight? Even after she apparently tried to buy the bird its own seat for the trip? Well, according to the Daily Mail, there's more to the story than originally thought—namely, the peacock's name is Dexter, he belongs to a Bushwick-based artist named Ventiko, and he has his own Instagram.


Here's Dexter posing for a quick shot in Manhattan:

And here's Dexter on a leash, taking a stroll through Brooklyn:

According to Bushwick Daily, Dexter's owner adopted the plumed beast along with a mate named Etta back in 2015 for a Miami art installation. She donated the birds to a Florida farm afterward, but when Etta and their young bird offspring wound up missing down there, Ventiko opted to bring Dexter back to live with her in the big city. They've been sharing a space ever since.

Now, the pair appears to be inseparable, going on walks and drives and even posing for some nude art photos together, since what else would you do with a pet peacock? The duo even made an appearance on VICE's video series Das Cute before the airplane debacle.

Even when Dexter wasn't able to get on that flight in Newark, Ventiko made sure they stayed together. After reportedly trying to buy another seat for him, she opted to scrap air travel altogether and just drive across the country to California instead.

"Spent 6 hours trying to get on my flight to LA," the bird wrote on Instagram, though it's still unclear how his talons managed to navigate an iPhone touchscreen. "Tomorrow my human friends are going to drive me cross country!"

A recent post on Dexter's Instagram shows he's already in Oklahoma, so it seems like he and Ventiko are making good time. Godspeed on your quest, sweet Dex!

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