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Sect Mark's Hardcore is About as Raw as Punk Can Get

Listen to a track from the Italian band's upcoming EP on the esteemed Iron Lung label.
Image: YouTube screenshot

Listening to Sect Mark’s nasty demo felt like being shoved into a high school locker and then kicked off a flight of stairs. Now, the Rome hardcore band are due to deliver Worship, a follow up EP of bruising and raw punk on the esteemed US label Iron Lung.

The track “Attempts” is up now on the Iron Lung Bandcamp page and continues the four-piece's paranoid and schized hardcore. Over hectic guitar, vocalist Johnny P. spews a tirade that brings to mind current UK bands such as The Lowest Form and Permission.

Like the demo, the artwork is by Francesco Goats and once again captures the darkness that weighs heavily on the music.

'Worship' is available Jan 26 on Iron Lung.