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Aly Raisman to Larry Nassar: 'We are Now a Force, and You are Nothing'

The sentencing hearings for former USAG team doctor continued today and team captain Aly Raisman had some pointed words for the sexual predator.
Screen capture via Twitter/@CBSNews

Friday marked the fourth day of sentencing hearings for Larry Nassar, the former team physician for USA Gymnastics who has pleaded guilty to ten counts of criminal sexual conduct related to his abuse of over 150 women who were under his care. Nassar molested, drugged, and otherwise abused young gymnasts under the guise of providing "treatment" for decades, and is just now facing the consequences. He is already looking at 60 years in prison for child pornography charges and the hearings this week will only add to his sentence.


All week Nassar has had to sit in court and listen to his victims recount all the horrible things he inflicted on them, both physically and emotionally, and at one point he wrote the judge seeking a reprieve, saying it was too much for him to bear. No such reprieve was given and the victim statements continued. Yesterday, McKayla Maroney and Jaime Dantzscher, among others, gave impassioned statements, and today it was team captain Aly Raisman's turn. She was triumphant.

Raisman railed against Nassar, saying that she "will not rest" until she makes sure his legacy is eradicated from the face of gymnastics, "like the cancer it is." She also spared no words for USAG for enabling Nassar and ignoring the complaints of victims—whom she terms survivors now—and putting him in a position of power and oversight of his prey.

Raisman also hammered USAG for capitalizing on her success at the previous two Olympics but when it came time to believing her claims of abuse, and others', the organization was nowhere to be found.

In all, she spoke for about 15 minutes and finished to a round of applause, which the judge told her was "well deserved."