MUNCHIES Guide to Norway: Champion Cod and Deep Dives

Norwegian cod is a big deal – and not just in Norway. Halaigh gets to experience this wonder up-close when he travels to Henningsvær.

Henningsvær is a fishing village at the epicentre of the skrei industry. The famous skrei cod is salted, dried and exported around the world, where it’s a treasured ingredient. Halaigh attends the skrei World Cup, meets the kids who make a fortune by cutting out cod’s tongues, and gets a cooking lesson from a local pro. Then Halaigh is off to meet his friend Roddie Sloan who delivers shellfish to some of the world’s most famous restaurants, including Noma in Copenhagen, where Haliagh used to work. Together they go hunting for seaweed, urchins and scallops and cook everything over open fire back at Roddie’s Arctic farm - where Halaigh gets to spend the night in a hammock.