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George Michelle’s New Album Could be the Darkest Kris Kringle Ever

The Sydney producer just gifted everyone an unwrapped album of scattered club music.
Photo: Romy Safiyah

Drive it like a rental, Alpha and Romeo, Bells of Leichhardt, Where Chavez Becomes Sunset. The track list of George Michelle’s debut album Gang Signs For Outsiders suggests that it’s best listened to on late night drives through the streets of inner Western Sydney or Los Angeles. This is music for a cruise to pick up a HSP or something from Leo's Taco Truck.

The Sydney producer wrote most of the album between August and October in Sydney and Los Angeles and drops a heavy dose of deep house and garage on the 12 tracks of scattered club music.


"The album is my way of trying to decode normative social situations, like clubbing, for the person who feels alone in the crowd," the young producer explains to NOISEY via email. "It's music that I wanted to make total sense when the lights turn on and everything becomes clear for a split second - before the bodies head home and regret starts to seep in."

Following a split with Melbourne’s Morgan Wright, Michelle again teams up with Burning Rose records (Publique, Death Bells) for his debut full-length. Though the release comes at the end of the calendar year, it's music that will continued to played late at night throughout the Australian summer.

'Gang Signs For Outsiders' is out now on Burning Rose.