This story is over 5 years old.


Colombia's Hidden Cocaine-Smuggling Route

VICE Colombia takes a trip along El Naya to see how the drug gets made, packaged, and shipped to the US from start to finish.

Colombia is one of world's top cocaine producers, home to a thriving underground economy dedicated to making, trafficking, and selling the drug. Roughly 90 percent of the country's coke winds up in the US—but getting it to the States is a difficult, dangerous process.

On this episode of VICE INTL, VICE Colombia takes a trip along El Naya, a hidden Colombian smuggling route that locals have used to traffic cocaine for decades. Trekking across the country by foot and on muleback, they witness the cocaine production process from start to finish—meeting the farmers who harvest coca leaves, the lab workers who distill the crops into cocaine, and the boat captains who shuttle it to the Pacific Ocean.

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