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World's Most Pass-Ag Man Parks Two Cars Across Road to Avenge Parking Fine

Not happy with the consequences of a very illegal park, a Hong Kong businessman disrupted a city street by blocking it with his Lexus and a seven-seater van.
Image via YouTube

Parking fines are hugely annoying. Actually, so is parking. Yet we do, because we are humans, living on this earth together, trying to obey the delicate social codes that allow us to exist semi-happily without plunging our environments into chaos.

Or at least most of us are. When a 55-year-old Hong Kong businessman needed to zip to an ATM this week, he decided to incinerate the code. Rather than taking the time to find a park, he chose to (very) illegally park his Mercades outside a Sha Tin bank. Understandably, it was quickly clamped.


Now, most of us, in this situation would admit our arrogance, and accept the shitty consequences we’d created. We’d pay the fine, get the clamp removed as quickly as possible, all the while waving apologetically at the other drivers we’d inconvenienced while silently mouthing, “I’m sorry”, over and over again.

But not this guy. He wasn’t having any of it.

Speaking to Apple Daily the man who’s only been identified by his last name Mo, explained his reasoning: “If I was going to take 30 minutes long to do something, I would use the car park, but it’s barely been a minute, so how could I go to the car park?”

No, Mo wasn’t going to try make things right. Mo took the full fuck it option.

After finding his car had been clamped, he left in a cab and headed back to his office. He then returned in his seven-seat van and parked it next to his illegally parked Mercedes. Then if that wasn’t passive aggressive enough, he got in another cab back to his house to return with another car to park next to the van. For the record, the second car was a Lexus: I guess you don’t get rich paying traffic fines.

At this point, his three very nice cars were blocking the street and the entry to a senior citizens’ home—stay classy Mo.

All up, the standoff lasted three hours. Eventually, two of the vehicles were towed and Mo agreed to pay the fine of HK$320 (US$41) to remove the clamp on the Merc. Of course, at this point the fine itself wasn’t really going to atone for how bonkers and annoying the whole scene was. He was also arrested for creating hours of chaos and obstructing a public space.

Reflecting on the ordeal to Apple Daily. Sha Tin District Councillor Wong Ka-wing offered a very human response: “I understand having your car clamped is not a nice feeling, but think about it: it only costs HK$20 to park your car in a car park.”