This story is over 5 years old.


Keeper Celebrates Too Early, Lets in Brutal, Gravity-Defying Penalty

The shot went off the crossbar and skied into the air, landing right in front of the penalty spot. Then it started bouncing.

There are brutal moments in sports where you can't ever imagine feeling worse, and then there is whatever this goalkeeper is feeling. Satri Angthong and Bangkok Sports Club in Thailand were deadlocked in a penalty shootout at 19-19 during a league cup semifinal when a player for Bangkok missed his shot by hitting the crossbar. The Satri Angthong keeper, relieved to have the good fortune of the bar's help, sprinted toward his teammates to celebrate what was likely going to be a hard-earned win. And then, the universe decided to ruin this guy's day.


The ball skied high into the air, out of the camera frame, and bounced back to almost the exact spot where it started its journey. The shooter looked dismayed, but with a considerable amount of english thanks to the bar, the ball began slowly bouncing toward the now vacant goal. It kept bouncing and bouncing and soon the crowd and the rest of the players saw what was happening. The keeper tried running back to stop it, but it was too late. Seconds after literally jumping for joy, he watched what has to be one of the worst goals in soccer history.

Satri Angthong then missed the next penalty and lost the game.

Sports are many things to many people, but they are always cruel to someone.